Dr. Michael Tasic has been practicing dentistry for 37 years! He graduated from the University of Southern California in 1978 and has been attending to patients' needs since then.  

Our goal is to promote and maintain proper dental hygiene and health.  

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Torrance, CA


It all starts when your baby's first teeth start coming in. Do you need to brush? Obviously you can't floss yet. Get the answers you need.


Flossing is hard, even for adults. But developing the practice in children isn't as hard as you think and sets them on the road for positive oral health.

Getting kids to brush their teeth has been a struggle as old as dentistry. We have some proven tips and suggestions to help your kids develop good habits.

Healthy Teeth Promote a Healthy Lifestyle!

Teething time can be stressful for parents and babies alike. Find out how best to protect that beautiful new smile and preserve those baby teeth. Premature baby tooth loss with almost certainly result in a need for orthodontics.

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